This personality questionnaire - the online Succes Indicator - was developed by European psychologists and is intended to give you a better insight into your personality and career possibilities. The outcome of the online Succes Indicator is based on the 16 personality types of the MBTIŽ: your outcome consists of:
  • one of the sixteen Myers Briggs Typologies
  • the corresponding Main Typology (Creator, Builder, Shaper and Controller)
  • your scores in the four success-factors (task-orientedness, wisdom, social interaction and global structure).
  • Once you have completed this questionnaire, click the button "generate the results" and your profile will be generated on the basis of the choices you made. Because of the conciseness of this questionnaire, the outcome should be considered as informative only. For a more in-depth and possibly more accurate analysis of your personality, you should refer to the Personal Potential Analysis (PPA).

    Choose the term that most matches your personality by assigning a "+" to the left column. Choose the least matching option by assigning a "-" to the right column. You are not allowed to assign a "+" as well as a "-" to the same option.

    1.   + -    versatile
    + -    imaginative
    + -    receptive
    + -    adventurous
    2.   + -    persistent
    + -    wise
    + -    analytical
    + -    correct
    3.   + -    rational
    + -    flexible
    + -    intuitive
    + -    extraverted
    4.   + -    objective
    + -    inquisitive
    + -    determined
    + -    active

    I like:
    5.   + -    socializing with many different people
    + -    belief, imagination and fiction
    + -    harmony, appreciation and integrity
    + -    order, clear agreements and rules

    At work, I characteristically:
    6.   + -    focus on a specific task for a period of time
    + -    want to know what and whom I am dealing with
    + -    am oriented towards obtaining concrete results
    + -    want to take advantage of all the opportunities I get

    I have a ... nature
    7.   + -    warm-hearted and empathic
    + -    detail-oriented
    + -    disciplined and routinized
    + -    practical

    My attitude towards people is generally:
    8.   + -    down-to-earth
    + -    perceptive
    + -    somewhat reserved and cautious
    + -    attentive and friendly

    I like talking:
    9.   + -    about myself
    + -    about subjects most people talk about
    + -    people
    + -    anything that is new or exciting

    At work:
    10.   + -    I am mainly interested in the practical use of the things I do
    + -    I stick to time schedules and deadlines as much as possible
    + -    I will be there for colleagues who need my help
    + -    I am frequently in contact with other people

    When studying a subject:
    11.   + -    I am very thorough
    + -    I am interested in the theoretical background
    + -    I separate side issue from main issues
    + -    I use a systematic approach

    When making decisions:
    12.   + -    I will take the time necessary to explore and contemplate all possibilities
    + -    I will not disregard any bright ideas that may strike me
    + -    I will always welcome a good alternative
    + -    I am interested in the option that leads to the best results

    At parties:
    13.   + -    I am often the centre of attention
    + -    I like to hear interesting novelties and the latest gossips
    + -    I will be present if I have a reason to be there
    + -    I will stay late with increasing energy

    14.   + -    I really set value on good relationships with people
    + -    I rather have one or two good friends than many superficial ones
    + -    I often contemplate the deeper meaning of life
    + -    I let life happen just the way it is

    In a conversation:
    15.   + -    I compare my views to those of the person I am speaking with
    + -    I pay attention on what is being said taking into account the other person's status and interest
    + -    I will not easily deviate from the main topic
    + -    I am generally the one who does the talking

    16.   + -    participate in events that have an extra dimension for me
    + -    tend to settle and straighten things out
    + -    will do something thoroughly or not at all
    + -    only do something if my heart tells me to do it

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