To Be or Not To Be Reflector

Welcome to the TO BE or NOT TO BE reflector!

The TO BE or NOT TO BE reflector consists of fourty questions, each with two options. Each time, you have to select the option that best describes your feelings. The description you receive as a result, is a mere reflection of your choices. Nevertheless, it can provide relevant information for your future. If you suffer from mood swings or strong changes of state of mind, we recommend you complete the reflector questionnaire 3 times and calculate your average score based on the different percentages you obtained before. If you consider your temperament to be composed and calm, completing the reflector once will be satisfactory.

We wish you a lot of light, wisdom, luck and happiness!

1.   My work and social engagements prevent me from having enough time for myself
I take the time I need for myself
2.   At work, I work hard to accomplish the desired results and to comply with the required tasks
Most of the things I do go without effort
3.   Social acceptance is very important to me
I know what is important for me
4.   I love life as it is
I feel continously dragged by my work or by others
5.   I like myself just the way I am
Sometimes I find it difficult to accept myself
6.   It is very important for me to fulfil other people's expectations
I enjoy life
7.   I feel happy very often
Sometimes I wonder what happiness is meant to be
8.   I pay attention to what I eat
I enjoy eating my meals
9.   Nothing appeals to me today
I feel like doing fun activities
10.   I usually take my car and that is why I don't exercise a lot
I enjoy outdoor activities (walking, swimming, bycicling)
11.   I know that I have meant a lot to many persons and many persons to me
I don't want to bother others
12.   I like to think about the future
There is so much misery in this world, sometimes I wonder where we are heading to
13.   Very few things appeal to me
All aspects of life appeal to me
14.   I reserve my feelings for myself
I express my feelings easily
15.   I easily sense what people are feeling
I usually ignore other people's feelings
16.   I am not the right person to learn more about myself through this test
I am the right person to learn more about myself completing this questionnaire
17.   I receive unpleasant surprises on a regular basis
Generally speaking, I know what is yet to come
18.   This questionaire is interesting, it might help me to advance in my path of life
I don't know if it is wise to change my path of life
19.   At this point this questionaire is not making any sense
I think there is more between earth and heaven, possibly a higher consciousness.
20.   I generally trust people
Many persons have bad intentions
21.   I think others should solve their own problems
I usually help people in their path of life in my own way
22.   I am saving money for my future
I enjoy making my loved ones happy by sharing with them what I have
23.   I have beautiful imaginations more than often
Having fantasies is all right, but what is it good for?
24.   I don't like to wait
Everything comes at the right time
25.   Everything originates from yourself
I think it is normal that people fulfil their promises
26.   I like to be as natural and authentic as possible
Making a good impression is very important to me
27.   I know how to defend myself and to tell my story
Although I don't share my private things with everybody, I really don't have any secrets
28.   I view life as a game, the survival of the fittest
I regularly ponder about my mission in life
29.   I am in favour of more peace and mutual understanding
I am against discrimination and violence
30.   I enjoy changes
I stick to the general norms, values and habits
31.   I tend to worry about my friends and family members
I know that everything is allright
32.   I only cried in my childhood
I cried when I felt true love
33.   I feel a prisioner within the harsh reality of life
I have been thrilled by the magic of life
34.   I know what has been taught to me
I know that somehow I am ignorant, but at the same time I know everything
35.   I work as an employee
I am self-employed
36.   I am satisfied with what I have
Social status and prestige are very important to me
37.   People honour me because of my achievements and status in society
People appreciate me because of who I am
38.   Most people at work are tedious or selfish
Most people at work like to be treated with respect and affection
39.   Everyone is perfect
Nobody is perfect
40.   I find it difficult to handle many situations I find myself in
I am grateful to life for all I have experienced and learned