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This questionnaire - the Online Chakra Vibrator - helps you to re-member the relationship between the 7+1 chakra levels. The outcome indicates your preference to vibrate on certain chakra levels, showing you a comparison between the 7+1 levels. The online Chakra Vibrator might give you an impression of your evolutionary path or spiritual development if you are interested to know.

The online Chakra vibrator acts - like other Potential Analysis Tools in this cybercity - as a mirror and a source of inspiration and will guide you in a playful manner to a global understanding of the chakra levels. You obtain a score between 0 and 100 for each chakra level, 50 being the mean score.

After filling out the 16 multiple choice questions, you press on "create my chakra profile", and the online Chakra Vibrator will create your personalized Chakra levels profile.

Choose the term that most matches you by assigning a "+" to the left column. Choose the least matching option by assigning a "-" to the right column. You are not allowed to assign a "+" as well as a "-" to the same option.

Which verbal expression appeals most/least to you?
1.   + -    I have
+ -    I can
+ -    I notice
+ -    I know

Which verbal expression appeals most/least to you?
2.   + -    I feel
+ -    I love
+ -    I see
+ -    I Am

What kind of activities do you prefer to do most/least?
3.   + -    nothing special, if only I feel connected to the Universe
+ -    studying, analyzing, philosophizing and experimenting
+ -    design, painting, modelling, creating images for the future
+ -    giving a presentation or a lecture

What kind of activities do you prefer to do most/least?
4.   + -    everything that comes from my heart: gardening, cooking, cleaning, helping out my friends, healing
+ -    setting up new projects, working overtime to get the job done, successfully completing my assignments
+ -    going places, having a good time and being spoiled once in a while
+ -    doing my daily job at work and at home, carrying out my duties and routine activities

What is important for you?
5.   + -    to have a good job and to be in good health
+ -    to have fun, to feel well and to enjoy life
+ -    to have intellectual challenges
+ -    to be in contact with my higher Self

What is important for you?
6.   + -    to make use of my high energy level
+ -    to be myself
+ -    to express my feelings and thoughts
+ -    to process my ideas

I am...
7.   + -    understanding and warm-hearted
+ -    firm, present and down-to-earth
+ -    expressive and communicative
+ -    vibrating, oscillating and silent

I am...
8.   + -    flexible and sensual
+ -    philosophical and deep
+ -    creative and imaginative
+ -    entrepreneurial and pro-active

What is your favorite color?
9.   + -    indigo
+ -    violet
+ -    green
+ -    red

What is your favorite color?
10.   + -    blue
+ -    yellow
+ -    orange
+ -    gold

Where do you enjoy being most/least?
11.   + -    at the library, in my study room or in nature (mountains, see, woods)
+ -    everywhere where I am surrounded by nice and loving persons
+ -    in my temple or outside my temple
+ -    at work, where I have a lot of responsibilities

Where do you enjoy being most/least?
12.   + -    at home
+ -    in a bar or restaurant having a good time with my friends
+ -    at a concert, a talkshow or a speech
+ -    at the cinema, in my designroom or behind my computerscreen

You are recognized by your:
13.   + -    eloquence and diplomacy
+ -    knowledge and deepness
+ -    liveliness and souplesse
+ -    innocence and tolerance

You are recognized by your:
14.   + -    imagination and good ideas
+ -    touch with reality
+ -    drive and willpower
+ -    essence

Which area of interest appeals most/least to you?
15.   + -    Social care and community based activities
+ -    Marketing, communication and music
+ -    Commerce and management
+ -    Theatre, architecture and art

Which area of interest appeals most/least to you?
16.   + -    service and/or entertainment
+ -    science, philosophy and spirituality
+ -    administration, finance and/or production
+ -    our true nature, who we really are

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To which extent have you integrated in your life following aspects of spiritual awakening?
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2) spiritual activities: meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Astrology or healing, etc.
3) Sources of inspiration/literature?
Do you regularly experience moments of intense happiness, love and euphoria?
Have you already reached the path to a new global awareness/consciousness in which peace, love, unity and wisdom are natural ingredients?

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