Welcome to Personal Potential's online Chakra Vibrator.

Your chakra profile as created by the online Chakra Vibrator (OCV), provides you with valuable information about your personal evolution process by giving you an impression of your vibrations on the 7+1 chakra levels.

Filling out this questionnaire with openness and naturalness will enable you to interpret your outcome and assimilate your vibrations to its full extent, possibly to a temporary increase of your body/mind frequency.

You can print your personalized chakra profile using your printer. Your chakra profile will be your personal guide whenever you need more vital information about your chakras.

We recommend you to consult the literature about the chakras if you feel you need more information. We already selected for you the most inspiring and comprehensive books about chakras and related topics on the bottom of this page. Follow the link corresponding to the book of your choice for more information.

Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith    Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan