Live a life filled with true passion

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In this cybercity we talk about true passion, the unquenchable fire within us. Everywhere you see people who show their passion to the world, both at their work and their private lives.

passion is the fiery part of all-comprising love. passion is life, passion is expressed passion, which transforms, renews and inspires.

There is no life without passion. We were born with deep passion inside. passion is the source of success, prosperity and inspiration. Success without passion is not real, only a reflection of it.

Fountain of Life
All celebrities, artists and successful entrepreneurs have drunk from the fountain of life, called passion, and have given the good example to the world. But there is much more passion in this world: the passion of many people often escapes our eyes. Think about the volunteers who gather to contribute to the world, or the cleaning lady who works at your parents’ home. Think about the gardener, or your neighbour who listens loud jazz & fusion music with his friends, or remember your faithful shoemaker. passion constantly revitalizes you, as if the road of life were part of an infinite spiral that constantly changes its course. passion is really everywhere, observe well and you will find true passion.

Watch out for the Trap: Vehicle of ostentation
Nevertheless, in this material world, we often do not have the bravery to be really passionate, and so normally we make use of our passion only as a source of ignition, and, as soon as the engine of passion starts running, we become aware of our vehicle and become proud of it. Our attention changes from the engine towards the body and, before you know, we are inside your vehicle of ostentation. This is the very trap of life, and at the same time, the primary cause for the emotional breakdown of many successful people, simply by having lost the connection with the essence of life. The passion that we had before disappears, and, if we do not take care, we will become a caricature of ourselves or even a dummy who seeks his/her comfort in addictive drugs. We cannot be happy if we are disconnected from ourselves, far from the essential flow of life.

Passion in daily life
Let's start to find our own passion in the little things we do in daily life. Are we really passionate while taking a shower, preparing and having our breakfast, going to work, greeting our your mates of work, carrying out our assignments, having lunch, talking to our boss, going out shopping, answering the phone, looking at ourselves in the mirror, listening music, doing the dishes, brushing our teeth, preparing and cooking our meal, working on our computer, printing documents, giving water to our plants, cleaning up our room, doing our laundry, drinking our beer, smoking our cigarette, washing our hands, walking on the street, visiting our parents, kissing our companion of Life, making love, taking our nap, talking to our children, paying our bills to satisfy the basic needs of our true brothers and sisters and last but not least reading these sentences???

Passion heals and frees you
Nothing is better for your health than a life based on true passion! We get sick only because we lack true passion, it's that simple. We can really forget all so called healthy foods, diets, the gym and many medicines if we really connect to the Great Flow of Life. Dieting is almost the most energy inefficient activity of this era based on lack of self-esteem. Dare to observe yourself well and become really passionate and, if you are really overweight, you will lose the weight without any efforts!

Personal Potential teaches you how to find your passion, how to feed it adequately with all your love and affection, how to express it in your activities, and to keep in touch with it.

We are delighted to present you the 7 wise advices to live a real life full of true passion.

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