Channeled messages from Heaven (5D)

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Contribution by our good friend, loving spiritual brother and Lightworker ZaKaiRan.

His contribution answers following question:
What is happening to humanity from a higher perspective and how can we prepare ourselves for the coming new world vibrating in 4D, 5D?

The vibration of Christ Consciousness manifesting within and without, is totally and completely about Unconditional Love and divine timing, so it is certainly patience time. You will be unable to get anything done that is related to your divine mission if you are trying to do it in some old way within old systems. You will feel driven to get a lot done, receiving the visions and energy needed to accomplish many manifestations and projects, but you must also tap in to divine timing as to what to do now, and not waste your energy. And you must allow and wait for divine timing and magical manifestation. Using the old energies of control won’t work, so anything that you are trying to do that is not directly for and about unconditional love and directly with and from authentic magical creation (which is manifestation of something from nothing) will either fail or you will have great difficulty in manifesting it without the support of your spirit and the divine plan. Therefore you must be diligent with letting go of anything and everything that is limiting you in any way. In fact if you don’t do it willingly, your life, your relationships, things, projects… will all collapse, die or leave you anyway.You must especially let go of all of your attachments to old forms and systems, (including the financial lack/competition system, cars, houses, jobs…). And it is especially time to let go of all old forms and perceptions of relating. Any relationships that are based on agreements are devolutionary, and if you are tapped in to the divine plan, and your divine essence, there will be no energy to relate to those people or in those old ways. You must let go of all relationship attachments. There is no real reason to hang on to anyone. We love everyone and are always connected, regardless if you never see those people ever again, you are always together within the oneness of All-That-Is. The only reason people hang on to anyone is because they have conscious or unconscious agreements to do so and were trying to create false oneness, (because of our feelings of being cut off from oneness). But of course, since this is an illusion, only synergetic relationships are supported by the unconditional love/Christ vibration.

It is time for divine prosperity for all of humanity, so if you haven’t let go of all of your vows of poverty, and other limiting patterns related to money and miraculous manifestation, then get busy baby. It is now time for everyone to accept their divine sovereignty as a creative and co-creative force in the Universe. Which empowers you as a Creator God/dess, a Christed Master. As a Christed Master, you as your true Christed nature, are completely unconditionally loving, and completely non-judgmental. Therefore, you must heal, forgive and let go of everything that gives you an emotional charge, (which is where you have judgement). This may be directly related to the individual or the specific act on karmic past life or soul aspect levels, or it may indirectly related. Regardless, it is something within your light-body fields that you must take care of to be free from the web of victimhood and unworthiness. (Please see my article on "Judgement" on my website: You must truly get to a place of compassion, where you realize that no matter how nasty anyone treats you or treats someone else, they are only doing this because they are suffering from their own belief in their own unworthiness, and trying to deny, repress, give away or sell this suffering. And there are no victims in the any universe! Every experience is for our soul growth and experience. So thank and bless everyone who has ever "screwed you over" for the fabulous soul growth you have experienced from it, and thank yourself for manifesting it, for creating the experience of separation to further know the truth of oneness. But also please rescind all old vows and agreements to relate to anyone in any limiting way. Limitation time is over! It is now time for Mastery of
Divine Expression.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. To stay in tune with the new energies and accelerated vibration, you must be continually upgrading everything within and without. That means your energy fields, physical body, light-body, relationships, technology, computers, cars, jobs, money, friends, family, teachings… Anything that is old technology or old civilization needs to go. If you are not volunteering for these upgrades, then your spirit will have to work overtime to convince you to allow them. I personally just had my car totaled by being rear ended while I was stopping for a family of bush turkeys crossing the road, which included momma, poppa and really cute and shnuggly babies. I was rear ended because I was being in the moment to stop and see the birdies and make sure everyone is safe, while everyone else around me was rush rushing in a typical linear fashion. The point is, you cannot do things in a typical linear fashion, otherwise you are missing the magic of the moment. If I had not stopped, even though I was rear ended, I could have ran in to another car coming from the other direction, killed birds, and still gotten ran in to from the rear.

It seems that all my friends cars/vehicles are dying. My team mate’s car just burned up, taking with it old vehicular and other energies, now me. It is completion completion completion, always completing to allow for the new. This is all directly related to our own vehicles that are dying and need to die, or rather, transmute into our new divine-light vehicles. In other words, you must be constantly dying, to make room for the new. Typical physical death is a thing of the past, boring, old, been there, done that methodology. The transition of Ascension is death in every moment. Continuous Ascension is what you must embrace, which is what authentically living in the truth moment offers. Ascension is not some final mystical ascension and it’s all over, done and your totally enlightened floating above the poor masses who haven’t gotten it yet. Oh no my bright little star, ascension is totally continuous. Ascension/Inscension is living in the magic of the moment; being the Christed you; divine creation; God Presence you in this and every moment. The direction is not just linear any more, this was the patriarchal distorted masculine, without the wholeness of the feminine. We must now include the feminine, the sphere and other feminine geometries. The completion or addition of the divine feminine and divine masculine allows for the moment. It allows and works with the divine miraculous energies of creation. It completes the alchemy. The Divine Mother and the Divine Father within us all may now merge in divine union to create the Christ Children, a light civilization made up of little starlets living in divine synergy with the ChristStar Planet – Terra.

You must let go of all conscious subconscious, and unconscious death and disease programs. And you must be continually upgrading your "vehicle", to be able to surf the ascension tsunami. You must upgrade and accelerate yourself so much that you are able to steer the tornado. (Thanks Dan Winter). Ascension is a tornado. The Ascension of planet earth is a tornado. It spins with and from the Golden Mean Spiral (1.618 recursive fibonnaci ratio). The ratio and wave of creation whereby everything is sharable. You are the tornado, the MerKaBa, the Light-Ship! You are the Ascension! If you are not spinning as fast as the tornado, then it will be hard to hang on to it. So you must ground your tornado to be able to steer it, so that it is not flipping everywhere out of control and so that it will synchronize with all the other tornadoes in a co-creative sharable spiraling column/planet/civilization of Light/Love. HOLD FAST! (thanks "Master and Commander")

This is a massive soul/aspect retrieval time. You are spread out through all space time and dimension, and it is time for all aspects of your beingness to be healed and brought back in to your soul. You must literally be energetically clear with and from everything and everyone. I know you are all doing this and have already cleared lifetimes of stuff, but there is still more to take care of, especially aspects of your beingness in the outer reaches of your light body that have been hidden for millennia, that are now resurfacing for healing and heart/soul home-coming. But also allow for Grace to heal everything without having to do anything about it. Call upon the karmic board, the ascended masters and angels for mega assistance with everything. (Ascended Master/Angel list in "Cosmic Cookies and my article "Angels" on my website).

And make sure you are spending time recharging in nature, on earth and in water, activating all the elements and electromagnetic circuits within your fields, communing with these elements in nature, and charging nature in return as a gift for mother earth. Also make sure you are connecting with the devas and fairies and ancient native guardians of the land. Also working with the water bodies and water ways, the life blood of mother earth. Also clearing energy pathways and old trauma energies held in and by the land from old traumas such as massacres.

And I must emphasize the extreme importance of making sure you are ingesting energized and divinely structured water. Please educate yourself in this regard. All water ain’t the same. We are generally depleted in oxygen, water and prana. Time to be getting them all in to ya big time. ("Pranic Breathing" article on my website, highly recommended). I will be selling geometries in the future that will restructurize water back to its crystalline nature. There are other ways to restructurize it including toning the water, infusing it with the flower of life (creation mandala), (F of L discs available from me, but not on my website yet), also the "wellness filter" looks really good. There are many water websites, including many links in this regard on my links page on my website, in cosmic cookies. Plus more info to come.

Physically, it is super mutation time, as our bodies struggle to deal with the amazing amounts of light we are embodying. (Concurrently, I am sending out my mutation article in regards to this). I have had a lot of upper spine stuff happening. You will have many symptoms as the acceleration continues as your DNA accelerates and activates, and your endocrine system activates. So you must make sure you are diligent about keeping your energy fields very clear from all negative and limiting energies in addition to EMR (electromagnetic radiation and other similarly debilitating energies). Call upon the Violet Flame and the Violet Flame Angels to clear energies and karmic patterns, plus the karmic board for karmic clearing. And call upon Archangel Michael often to cut all negative cords around you often.

You talk about both the fourth and the fifth dimension, please explain: what is the difference?

Our final destination will be the fifth dimension (5D), which for Humans is nothing more or less than heaven. You will remain on planet earth, so we all are creating heaven on earth! In your process of ascencion you will first pass the fourth dimension, which is nothing more than a preparation/transition period to be able to enter 5D. In 2012 you will collectively enter the higher overtones of the fourth dimension, but really, planet earth in the year 2004 has already entered the lower overtones of the fourth dimension. Compare the ascencion with your schools, the "good" pupils will pass to the next class and the less prepared won't. We in 5D have other criteria for good or not so good. We prefer to speak in terms of "purity, harmony, vibration, oscillation" instead of good or bad. Pure persons - humble and loving persons who have little ego - can be "enlightened", by enhancing their vibration levels, only by LIGHT. Persons or entities (on a collective level, for example a company or a nation) with a big ego (ego is like a hard shell of fixed thoughts and dogma's about yourself and the world to be found in your aura) cannot be enlightened by only LIGHT. Their shells will reflect the light in most cases. So the only way to break the shell is with force or with heat. That's why some persons or entities need "wolves", "bad persons" (to use your terms) or - on a collective level - disasters - in their lives to show them a reflection of their behaviour, giving them a real opportunity to choose a wider perspective of Life and to alter their path. In most cases however, the proper combination of LIGHT and fine tools to break the shell - inspirators and ego reflectors - will be allright to bring most people onto their path to find their true Selves. In the years 2000-2004, a part of Humanity has witnessed several attacks by "Wolves' packs" , who seem to have a preference for the number "11". In fact, these wolves' packs help you to wake up, if the ego of this part of Humanity were not so hard, these attacks would not have been necessary. If you Humanity would feel only 1% of the LOVE - sealed in black boxes - expressed to you, you would already vibrate in 4D.

Has Jesus Christ something to do with the arrival of the new world?

Yes, indeed! He was and is an exceptional being of Light, like all of you. His message to the world was that we are all one, heavenly brothers and sisters, and that every human being has the Potential of resurrection and to do wonders. In fact, Leonardo daVinci and Columbus had the same message: they showed us our unlimited Personal Potential. However, during the year "0" mankind was vibrating even lower than what was the case in the year 2000. In the year "0" mankind was in the lowest possible vibration possible, from that year on, mankind has slowly been waking up, getting a first accelleration in the golden ages (1600), the second in the beginning of twentieth century (1900), the third in the sixties (1960), the fourth and the strongest with the introduction of the PC and a decade later Internet in the eighties (1984).

What is the meaning of Jesus' famous sentence: "The meek will inherit the earth".

During the era of Jesus, only the meek and children could be enlightened because of the very density of our consciousness and state of complete forgetfulness of who we were. Now - as mankind has evolved - we will do the best we can to bring every single human on planet earth back, that is, onto the path to their true Selves.

What is the meaning of the Re-member-Ship, is there a huge spacecraft waiting to collect us?

In the first place, you have to re-member to use your creative talents making use of symbolic language, not to mention re-membering to observe well. Language has many hidden treasures, only few of you use your talents of observation to interpret the signals and messages that you receive on a daily basis. Become aware of the synchronicity of events in your life, nothing, really nothing happens just by coincidence. There are masters who are teaching how to re-member to be in contact with the Great Flow of Life, and to be fully aware of the synchronicity of events that take place. So, returning to your question: yes, there is a possibility of a spacecraft waiting for you, but is that essential? You Humans have to learn that all Personal Potential is alive within yourselves, too long you have behaved like victims, now it's time for you to wake up and to re-member, so that you won't need any spacecraft. Answer this question: do you prefer to make promotion using your unique talents and really deserve the reward or do you prefer getting the promotion by cheating or by manipulation?