Three steps to connect with your true Self

these three steps can be very useful in your process of spiritual awakening, your way home

1 Become fully passionate
You are already a passionate person, but you are not fully aware of this state of being. We help you to re-member to become aware of your true passion, by giving you the seven wise advices for a real life full of passion. Follow this link to find out about the seven wise advices.

2 Find your spiritual master(s) or heavenly guide(s)
All Humans have one or two heavenly guides, splendid guardian angels or marvellous beings of Light who love you beyond imagination. They will always do the best they can to inspire you with subtle wisdom, pure love and bright ideas without interfering in your daily life. It is like two parents who are raising their 2-years-old toddler who is trying to make his/her first steps on its little feet. The parents interfere only if their little child really needs their help or comfort. If you have a strong intuition and feel that your life is guided by an internal voice or energy, than you can be fairly sure they are your heavenly guides. Nonetheless, it is always recommendable to have a guide here on earth, were it only to evaluate your state of Being or your process of spiritual awakening. In this webland you can find the gateways to our fellow guides, present here on earth living in a human body.

3 Find your true brothers and sisters, your soulmates
Your true brothers and sisters are persons/beings with whom you have shared past lives. With them you feel comfortable, recognized, they show you the most beautiful aspects of you. With your true brothers and sisters you can share your feelings, experiences and anxieties. During the process of spiritual awakening, your inner child needs extra love and affection, your true brothers and sisters will be there for you, as you will be there for them. Is is not difficult to find your true brothers and sisters if you have already chosen your path to your true Self, your heavenly guides will send them to you. Observe well and become aware of your true brothers and sisters. Is is very likely that some of your friends are your true brothers and sisters, be patient, you will re-member who you really are!!