You can choose to receive your basic chakra profile or the Premium chakra profile. We offer you the basic chakra profile for free, so that you can become familiar with the colorful world of the chakra vibrations.

The Premium chakra profile is recommended for the more advanced self-researcher. If you take the time for your SELF, the Premium chakra profile will give you the keys for the life enrichment that you are looking for.

The questionnaire of the basic version consists of 16 multiple choice questions, the Premium version consists of 20. In both cases, your chakra profile will show you the scores belonging to all chakra levels, providing you with a clear interpretation on each level. All tables fit well within the size of the main window, so you will be able to print your results. Your payment - which supports us in providing the best possible online services for all webvisitors who seek spiritual awakening - can be performed by . More details can be found in the table below.


  • If you have some experience with computers and have a good working printer, you will be able to prepare your own chakra profile report (rate A, see table below).
  • You can choose to have your Human Potential Consultant prepare your chakra profile report. The report will be sent to your email address (rate B, see table below).
report type
nr. of pages
advice based on your aura frequency
reference group
score comparison table
rate A*
rate B*
more comprehensive
* rate A: you prepare your report following the print instructions mentioned in the appendix of your chakra profile
* rate B: your Human Potential Consultant will prepare chakra profile report and send it to your email address

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