Signals indicating the arrival of the new world

We all know in our heart that there is more than the world we can see with our eyes. Some people are already well prepared for the new world in the fourth dimension, but most of us have just become aware of our spiritual vastness. This is why we show some evident signals indicating the worldwide changes - verifiable by every individual - that have occurred the past 20 years.

Since the 1980's planet earth together with mankind - our cosmic mother with her children - , being part of this solar system connected to the Sirius' stellar system,
is heading to a life expression on a higher vibrational level or frequency. The first step of the process of transformation should be completed around the year 2012. For mankind - that's us - this implies a significant rise in consciousness, from duality consciousness (the known world vibrating in 3D) to unity consciousness (the new world vibrating in 4D). In simple terms, in fact we are all brothers and sisters, not from a genetical viewpunt but from the viewpoint of the soul, but we have forgotten.

What kind of clear indications did we see here om earth, let's say, the past 20 years?